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Linda Gardiner

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My Story

Welcome to my Scentsy Page.


Hi My name is Linda Gardiner and I am a Director in Berwick. I have had my own business for just over 4 years and have a beautiful 6
year old daughter Lizzy and loving partner David.

Having the freedom to work from home around my daughter is so awesome. I love working my business wherever I am, on the couch or at the playground. Plus the extra income I earn each month has really helped our finances. My partner is fully supported of my goals and is there next to me as I advance in my business and building a foundation for us.

I took the chance joining a company I had not much knowledge of and was the best decision I made. I have come out of my shell and am around so many positive people and the support I receive from Scentsy, my customers and my friends & family is amazing, and without them I would not be here today. I love sharing Scentsy and love helping others build their own business. If you would like more information on joining my team please contact me or click JOIN above and start your own business today.

Kindest Regards Linda Gardiner


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